Starsky Robotics video puts you in the cab of a self-driving truck

It might not be the most exciting self-driving vehicle video out there, but it’s one of the few that demonstrates how teleoperators, which the bulk (if not all) of autonomous car platforms employ for redundancy, watch over autonomous systems in real time. In Starsky’s setup, six real-time feeds from cameras mounted on the exterior of its trucks’ cabins are split among three monitors, accompanied by stats like packets lost in transmission and frames per second. A video-game-like steering wheel sits in front of them, enabling operators to maintain real-time control.

Starsky anticipates that eventually, as its freight deliveries ramp up, teleoperators will monitor as many as 10 to 30 vehicles per hour via video links…

Starsky, which was founded in 2016 by Carnegie Mellon graduate Kartik Tiwari and former RocketSpace senior manager Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, recently raised $16.5 million in venture capital to further its research, development, and testing efforts.