Starsky Robotics remotely drove an unmanned truck 9.4 miles down a Florida highway

Completely driverless trucks are cruising down Florida highways, courtesy of Starsky Robotics. The startup this morning revealed that one of its commercial Volvo semis traveled 9.4 miles along Florida’s Turnpike on June 16 without a safety driver, in a pilot it’s calling the first of its kind.

On the route, Starsky’s 18-wheeler successfully navigated a rest area, merged onto the highway, changed lanes, and maintained a speed of 55 miles per hour. Starsky leverages a team of teleoperators to guide its trucks through tricky situations, and this time was no different. A remote driver in Jacksonville watched six real-time feeds from cameras mounted on the exterior of the semi truck’s cabin (accompanied by stats like packets lost in transmission) and drove it with a video game-like steering wheel.