Stand aside, hyperloop: This cross-continental train aims to replace flying

Dubbed the AeroSlider, it’s an elevated train line that passes through a series of unobtrusive magnetic loops instead of running on a track. Much like the principles behind a rail gun, the loops speed up the train sequentially, propelling it up to speeds of 500 mph—or the average speed of a plane. It was conceived by creative director Jens Martin Skibsted.

The core design is, admittedly, something of an engineering fantasy…

While the hyperloop places you into a pressurized tube, the AeroSlider would feature windows and views. The team proposes this travel experience could be quite luxurious: Sure, there are compact, cram-’em-in interiors that Manyone designed, too. But the relatively low-tech container of the AeroSlider means it could be treated more like a high-speed building rather than a plane or train. One car might offer a park with a jogging track, or plenty of personal cabins for those on longer trips.