Squad solar electric city car is coming to the US for $6,250

The Squad solar electric city car is launching in the US, and it starts at $6,250. Is it just a golf cart or actually a new and useful product?

Squad Mobility is a Dutch startup founded by Robert Hoevers and Chris Klok, two former employees of Lightyear, which is also working on a solar electric car – though a full-size one…

The small two-seater vehicle is designed to be lightweight and efficient. With its small wheels, it doesn’t take much to move it around, resulting in the relatively small solar panel on top with up to 31 km (19.2 miles) of range on a sunny day.

As for the powertrain, it consists of two 2 kW rear in-wheel motors powering four 1.6 kWh battery packs that are rapidly swappable. The electric city car can travel up to 100 km (62 miles) on a single charge with all four battery packs, and it can reach a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph).