Spin is adding sensor-powered ADAS to its electric scooters to curb scofflaw riding

Spin, the electric scooter company owned by Ford, says it has a novel solution to the problem of sidewalk clutter and scofflaw riders. The company is teaming up with an IoT startup called Drover AI to add cameras, sensor arrays, and onboard computers to all of their scooters in the hopes of curbing improper parking and riding behavior by customers.

Spin has forged an “exclusive partnership” with the Los Angeles-based Drover AI to use the startup’s PathPilot technology in Spin’s next-generation Insight monitoring platform in US cities. By equipping its scooters with cameras and sensors, Spin hopes to better “understand its surroundings in real time and assist riders in making safe riding decisions.” Also, Spin will share data generated by the new equipment with cities to help them better regulate shared fleets.