Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission proposes $31.7 billion in transportation projects through 2045

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission will begin a series of meetings Monday to display a draft long-range plan for the region that highlights $31.7 billion worth of expected transportation projects through 2045.

The plan, called “SmartMoves for a Changing Region,” includes $17.3 billion for road and bridge projects, and $14.4 billion for transit projects…

“The plan focuses on supporting our communities and workforce through more extensive mobility connections and technology upgrades throughout the region,” Jim Hassinger, the planning agency’s executive director, said in a statement.

“This plan has a strong focus on the vision of a region that has world class mobility for all; resilient, green communities throughout the region; and a globally competitive economy.”

To promote a global economy, the draft plan recommends growing and retraining the workforce; updating infrastructure with an emphasis on technology such as smart traffic signals; and continuing to develop regional energy resources such as natural gas.