Somebody’s watching: Legislator pushes bill to set standards for license plate readers

Over the past 10 years, hundreds of automated license place readers have been deployed across Pennsylvania.

The devices, which can be stationary or built into police vehicles, record the comings and goings of motorists as they drive from one municipality to another. But despite the highly personal nature of that information, each community can have its own standards for who has access to the information, where and how long it is kept and how it is used.

State Rep. Greg Rothman, R-Cumberland County, wants to change that.

Mr. Rothman has proposed House Bill 317, which would set statewide rules for how the information is used and require Pennsylvania State Police to establish a statewide repository to store the information for a maximum of one year. Mr. Rothman’s bill, reintroduced this year after the Senate failed to take action following House approval last year, had a hearing before the House Transportation Committee Tuesday.