Smartphone-sourced pavement assessment platform gets distress identification

Spun out of CMU’s Robotics Institute in 2016, RoadBotics has raised US$11.4m in venture capital investment to date to help fund its vision of applying technology to not only improve the world’s roads, but also the critical infrastructure that impacts people’s lives on a daily basis…

With the RoadWay platform’s new Individual Distress Identification feature, users can now identify 18 different distresses that fall into six categories that are critical to pavement management including potholes, ‘alligator cracking’, surface issues, and fatigue issues. The first-of-its-kind functionality allows RoadWay users to view these distresses in every 10-foot section of road on a pothole-specific layer that can be seen in conjunction with a color-coded map of their entire network. Agencies can now strategically plan for treatment of existing problems and proactively manage maintenance to save their town or city time and resources, while also being able to clearly communicate the condition of their road network to their staff, local government officials, and citizens.