Smart Trash Cans, Sewer Drones, & More Resilient Cities With STIR

Imagine cities where drones roam the sewers in search of outdated pipelines to update or repair more quickly and safely. Or picture smart trash cans along cleaner streets with sensors alerting the city as they fill up.

STIR, run by City Innovate, a nonprofit out of San Francisco, harnesses the ingenuity of technology startups with local governments to solve government-led problems. These projects are beneficial to both parties, solving looming issues for the government while giving startups the opportunity to contract with government organizations.

The idea bridges a gap between new ideas and old public sector problems. Startups are often brimming with innovation, but need capital and budget to move forward. Governments often have the budget, but are stuck with outdated solutions and ways of doing things. The partnership is extremely beneficial for both parties, and ultimately for the citizens.