Smart Road Pilot P3 Gets Green Light in Kansas

city in Kansas has approved a 10-year pilot program to deploy a smart pavement technology at five intersections in a public-private partnership. The P3 marks a step forward in deploying the technology, which entails precast concrete road sections embedded with digital technology and fiber optic connectivity for traffic data collection through in-roads sensors, Wi-Fi, 5G and more through antennas in the expansion ports, edge services and cloud access and wireless electric vehicle charging.

At a Lenexa city council meeting April 19, members approved a resolution to allow Integrated Roadways to begin design for the first of five intersections, accepting a $250,000 innovative technology program grant from the Kansas Dept. of Transportation, according to the meeting minutes. KDOT first tested the technology on a section of Interstate 35 in 2013.

The technology was invented by Tim Sylvester, founder of Integrated Roadways. The technology was further tested in Denver in 2018.