Smart, Mobileye Bring Advanced Automation to New EV

Smart has become the latest automaker to pair up with Mobileye to use its SuperVision driver assistance system.

The brand, jointly owned by German giant Mercedes and China’s Geely, is to launch a special edition of its Smart #1 model later this year that will feature an array of automated features facilitated by the Israeli company’s tech.

The EV will offer “Smart Pilot Assist 2.0,” which will be designed to enable point-to-point automatic navigation on highways and urban expressways, automated lane changes, automated on/off-ramp assist and intelligent traffic safety functions within specific locations, or “identified operational design domains.”

SuperVision uses 11 cameras – including seven eight-megapixel cameras – and radar to deliver this functionality. The system runs on two Mobileye EyeQ5 system-on-chips, which have the ability to handle AI tasks in these domains, allowing the vehicle to react similarly to a human driver.