Smart highways of the future: Roads that light up, electricity-generating pavement and more

Technology is reshaping different facets of the transportation industry, right from improving the operational efficiency of trucks, to piloting assistive technologies to help truckers on the road. But then, there has been no visible improvement in the medium over which millions of trucks ply every day – the asphalt roads.
Roads across the world have remained the same, been laid out in a similar fashion and have not undergone any functional changes over decades at a stretch. But the situation is slowly getting a facelift, with research labs across the world working on introducing electrically smart roads into the primitive niche.
In light of this, IDTechEx, a strategic business decision-making company from the United Kingdom, recently released a report titled “Electrically Smart Roads 2018-2028”, which discusses in detail the people behind the technology and also forecasts the potential businesses that could result from such initiatives.