Smart Cities Council Winners Ready for the Future

The winners of the 2019 Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge have some traits in common: They are all looking to leverage 5G, widespread use of Wi-Fi and artificial intelligence to modernize their cities and add efficiencies to city operations…

Montgomery launched its smart city initiative in January 2017 with its OpenData portal, which includes the city’s smart city strategic plan. And more recently, Montgomery successfully partnered with several innovators of advanced technology such as RoadBotics to reduce costs, minimize processing times and deploy AI to improve accuracy in planning and reporting.

RoadBotics surveyed 200 miles of Montgomery’s 1,100-mile road network. The company combines AI with smartphones to scan the roadways and generate timely and objective reports that help the city’s engineering team make proactive, data-driven decisions in the upkeep and maintenance of the city’s roads. By using these AI techniques, Dias says the city streamlined the inspection process to 30 days — a substantial time reduction from the six to eight months it used to take, doing it manually.