Smart bus technology helps keep students safe in Manatee County

CFO Tim McMurray says it’s equipped with Doppler radar, Wi-fi, GPS and more. He says it makes the ride to and from school safer.

“This is a game-changing technology for the safety of the children,” McMurray said.

At the start of the school year, drivers rolled out with $2 million worth of technology to keep students safe and give parents peace of mind.

Each can be tracked in real-time using a phone app. A swipe of a card alerts parents when their child gets on and off the bus. Radar and anti-collision technology giving drivers a 360 view of their bus at all times. They also have GPS and student Wi-Fi.

These super buses help protect other drivers too. An alarm goes off if someone tries to pass a stopped school bus. Lane drift control helps drivers manage distance from other cars. Finally, it tells the drivers the correct bus stop for the kid.