Smart bikes tested in downtown Las Vegas

The system employs a two-tiered approach: The bicyclist is quickly informed about what’s going on in the vicinity, and the bicycle’s location and speed are communicated to other connected devices.
A computer placed near the crankshaft of the bike runs various algorithms and prioritizes alerts to the cyclist. When an alert is needed, a message is sent via Bluetooth technology to an LED unit with a speaker installed on the handlebars.
“We get information from the network and we’re able to relay basic informantion, general warnings and high-level alerts that are used to help them make safer riding decisions,” Jenkins said.
One of the basic alerts Charles River Analytics tested out last week downtown was providing upcoming traffic light information.
“It gives them a little signal warning before it changes,” Jenkins said. “It allows them to start slowing down ahead of time or accelerate if they’re trying to make the light.”