Smart Belt Coalition issues RFI for truck automation

The Smart Belt Coalition (SBC), a tri-state collaboration between transportation agencies and educational institutions in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, is issuing a Request for Information (RFI) for information and a demonstration of “Truck Automation and Platooning” technology.

The SBC is looking for potential partners who are interested in deploying truck automation and platooning pilots through the three states on roadways operated by the five transportation agencies. While the focus of this RFI is on automated driving technologies, respondents are encouraged to respond on the potential operation and demonstration of other advanced driving technologies…
SBC members include:
• Pennsylvania Department of Transportation;
• Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission;
• Ohio Department of Transportation, through DriveOhio;
• Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission;
• Michigan Department of Transportation;
• Carnegie Mellon University;
• Pennsylvania State University;
• The Ohio State University;
• Transportation Research Center, Inc.;
• American Center for Mobility;
• Kettering University; and
• University of Michigan.