Sidewalk Labs’ smart city master plan can’t happen without a new LRT: CEO

Doctoroff said the master plan will envision a “beta site” on 12 acres of land called Quayside and a new Google headquarters and “innovation hub” just south on a small parcel of undeveloped land in the Port Lands.

Sidewalk has previously stated that Quayside would be a mixed-use, mostly residential development that would feature 12 new buildings made of timber, housing about 5,000 residents.

When asked during the meeting with the Star if the beta development can go forward without an LRT, Doctoroff answered: “I would not do that, no.”…

“We are offering to help finance it (an LRT) because it doesn’t seem to be in the cards otherwise. But I do not believe this area can develop if there is not mass transit through Quayside — it doesn’t make any sense. You’re just going to do things the regular way,” Doctoroff told the editorial board.