Self-styled cycling superhero or London motorists’ public enemy number one? Vigilante biker names and shames errant drivers using SEVEN video cameras mounted on his helmet and bike

This self-styled cycling superhero has been naming and shaming errant drivers using seven video cameras mounted on his helmet and bike.
Clad in black lycra, Traffic Droid, aka Lewis Dediare, describes his battle as a ‘war of attrition’ as he cycles around London, branding drivers ‘idiots’ if they get in his way.
As well as a camera mounted on a three foot pole protruding from his modified bicycle, the 39-year-old carries a ruler to measure how his distance from cars, before bellowing into the car window to admonish the driver and showing them a ‘red card’.
He then uploads his footage to YouTube and Twitter, and will often hand it over to traffic companies and police so the drivers can be further punished.