Self-Driving Truck Hits the Road in Illinois, More Coming

Gebis, co-founder and chief executive of the Lisle technology company Autobon AI, spent months testing the truck’s abilities to steer and brake on its own on the Chicagoland Speedway track in Joliet. And now the company is ready to try it in regular traffic on the Jane Addams Tollway.

With the Illinois Tollway’s permission and cooperation, Autobon’s truck will be on the road starting Monday. A driver will be behind the wheel at all times, according to Gebis…

The test by Autobon this week is a harbinger of something road users are going to be seeing more of in the coming decades — vehicles that are at least partially self-driving. The freight industry is expected to be among the early adopters of autonomous technology, in part because companies can’t fill enough truck-driving jobs, said P.S. Sriraj, director of the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Urban Transportation Center.