Self-Driving Startup Aurora Debuts its New Long-Range Lidar Called ‘FirstLight’

Self-driving technology startup Aurora announced today its new in-house developed lidar system for its driverless vehicles. The lidar sensor is called “FirstLight” and it can see and track objects more quickly and from further away than other lidar sensors, Aurora claims…

Aurora’s FirstLight Lidar will be used on Aurora’s next-generation test vehicles. The company says that its FirstLight lidar will allow its self-driving vehicle perception systems to see and track objects that are faster moving and farther away with greater precision than the standard lidar systems available today.

Aurora said it needed a longer range lidar for its “Aurora Driver” autonomous driving software and hardware stack, but it didn’t exist yet. So the company acquired lidar pioneer Blackmore in 2019 and the two companies co-developed the FirstLight lidar for Aurora’s specific needs.