Self-driving project Waymo to open Pittsburgh office in Bakery Square

Waymo, the former Google self-driving car project, is opening an office in Pittsburgh.

It plans to collocate with Google’s local headquarters in Bakery Square and hire a team of about 20 workers to focus on its autonomous technology for moving people and goods. To kick off its new office, Waymo is bringing on expertise and employees from Shadyside-based RobotWits, which provides planning and decision making technologies for self-driving vehicles…

“I am absolutely thrilled that the RobotWits team will be joining Waymo,” said Mr. Likhachev. “I am equally excited about the fact that this initiates Waymo’s presence in Pittsburgh, a city of robots that has vast research and development in robotics in general and autonomous vehicles in particular and produces massive engineering talent.”

Mr. Likhachev and two other employees from RobotWits will be joining the Waymo team, Mr. Chandra said.