Self-driving firm Kodiak to equip 800 Loadsmith robotrucks

Autonomous truck technology firm Kodiak Robotics will equip its self-driving software in 800 trucks for logistics platform Loadsmith, the companies said in a statement on Thursday.

Kodiak will start delivering the trucks equipped with Kodiak Driver in the second half of 2025, the companies said, adding that as part of Loadsmith’s U.S. freight network, the trucks will haul goods on the interstate highways while human drivers will complete local pickups and deliveries.

Investor concerns in the self-driving industry have been on the rise as companies grapple with complicated technology, tough regulations and delayed legislations, leading to job cuts and shutdowns.

Instead, investor focus has shifted to companies that offer less-complex, less-cash intensive forms of autonomy with a proven business model.

Kodiak and Lordsmith said pairing autonomous trucks for long haul with local drivers will improve efficiency and safety for shippers, and help allay concerns over a nationwide driver shortage.

There will be no safety driver involved in the autonomous part of the operations for Loadsmith, a Kodiak spokesperson said.