Self-Driving Cars Are Surprisingly Secure

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek made headlines at the Black Hat conference a few years ago by hacking remotely into a Jeep Cherokee and steering it into a ditch. Since that time, this dynamic duo has worked with several self-driving car companies to prevent such shenanigans.

Black Hat Bug ArtAt the Black Hat 2018 conference, they revealed a surprising fact: self-driving cars are tougher to hack than their less-smart counterparts, and they’re getting tougher.

“We spent a lot of time hacking cars, trying to make them do unsafe stuff,” said Valasek. “Since we stopped that, we’ve worked at self-driving car companies. Now we’re in the protector role. We’ll define self-driving cars, demystify them, and debunk things you’ve seen in the news. We’ll tell you how attacks could happen, and how we could secure them. We want everyone to be secure.”