Self-driving car company tests interactions with their cars and horses

The self-driving car company, Waymo, was seriously “horsing” around this week, finding ways to make the roads even safer.

It’s a common sight in Valley neighborhoods, horses walking down the street like in Tempe. But here’s something else you’re seeing a lot of as well, self-driving cars.

Jill Clark rides Blitz, a retired police horse, at least once if not twice a day. She uses designated bridle paths but sometimes has to cross the street to get from one trail to the other and recently noticed the Waymo cars in the area…

To get a better idea of such a scenario, Clark and Blitz teamed up with Waymo to find out what would happen.

“From what our cameras captured the self-driving car was able to get around the horse without spooking the animal,” said Hatathli.