Scania Bets On BEVs, 40t Long-Range Truck Is Coming

The company has already introduced all-electric buses, as well as all-electric and plug-in hybrid trucks. The long term goal is to continue electrification and increase electrified vehicle share out of the total sales in Europe to 10% by 2025, and 50% by 2030…

Scania said that thanks to technology improvements (battery energy density, charging times) electric vehicles will “gradually overtake Scania’s industry-leading fossil and biofuel powered solutions in most transport applications”…

Despite the fact that Scania has invested in hydrogen technologies and even put vehicles in operation with customers, the potential for FCVs is considered “limited.”

The first reason is that energy efficiency is just a third of the battery electric vehicle (FCVs use three times more renewable electricity to produce hydrogen and cover the same distance).

FCVs are also more complex, require more maintenance and they cost more. We would add also that there is no real refueling infrastructure.