San Francisco Lawmakers Urge Collection of More AV Safety Data

In a letter sent to the nation’s top auto safety regulator, House Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Kevin Mullin (D-San Mateo) urged the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to collect more data on autonomous vehicles, citing “serious” safety concerns about how they operate in “real-world situations.”

The letter cited recent problems with Waymo and Cruise robotaxis in San Francisco.

“As sophisticated as such software is becoming, AVs on the streets of San Francisco, which we both represent, have been having challenges in addressing complex real-world situations, such as navigating road work zones and reacting to the temporary outage of signals,” Pelosi and Mullin said in the letter sent Tuesday. “When AVs malfunction, they frequently shut down in place, which has resulted in the vehicles obstructing public transit routes, blocking intersections and the normal flow of traffic, and preventing first responders from reaching people in need.”