Samsung to build 5G and V2X networks for autonomous car tests at South Korea’s K-City

“The prominence of autonomous vehicles and connected cars is growing rapidly in the 5G era, and Samsung’s commitment to collaborative innovation in this area is stronger than ever,” said Samsung executive Jaeho Jeon in a press release.

The Samsung/KOTSA collaboration isn’t just about 5G, however — it will cover 4G LTE, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication systems, and related hardware infrastructure.

“By building various telecommunication networks — including 5G, 4G, and V2X — in one place, K-City will provide real-world experiences of autonomous driving for people and businesses across the industry,” added KOTSA director Byung Yoon Kwon. “This open environment is expected to be served as a unique innovation lab for industry partners that will ultimately [accelerate] the availability of the autonomous driving era.”