Ryder Expands Truck-Sharing Program COOP

Ryder System Inc. will expand its ride-sharing program for trucks to meet growing demand, the Miami-based company announced Feb. 3.

COOP is a peer-to-peer truck-sharing platform that allows commercial vehicle owners to rent idle trucks and trailers to a network of trusted businesses. Ryder launched the platform three years ago, and now it is expanding it into the Dallas-Fort Worth area…

COOP allows fleet owners to list their vehicles on the digital platform, set vehicle availability for idle periods, and upon vehicle return, receive guaranteed payments. Any business can list its vehicles on the platform so long as it is vetted. That includes businesses that are not Ryder customers.

Ryder also said that the platform generates average monthly earnings of $3,000 for a single straight truck or $4,000 a month for a sleeper tractor. The company also said that more than 1,300 businesses have joined the program.