Rut means more deer on the highway, and now truckers have help avoiding them

Insurance researchers have calculated that each deer-vehicle collision costs Americans more than $8,000, including vehicle damage, insurance claims, medical bills, funeral costs, removal of carcasses and loss of the recreational value of the deer. Near misses are not recorded.

There are likely fewer near misses by trucks. Lytx, a tech firm that provides safety and routing options for companies operating big rigs, smaller trucks, buses, vans and other commercial and public sector vehicles, keeps track of animal activity and other hazards for thousands of commercial fleets and more than 1.4 million drivers worldwide.

The San Diego-based company combines and analyzes algorithms from machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies to advise drivers in real time about road hazards including seasonal, lunar and weather-related increases in animal crossing activity. The cab-mounted Lytx units record the vehicle’s location and speed as well as sudden braking and swerving.