Russian Google competitor plans to launch the first autonomous car without a safety driver

Putting cars on the road that don’t need any kind of human intervention is proving to be more challenging than many thought until recently. Yandex is confident it can do just that, and it will starting in August.

The Russian company Yandex can be likened to Google – it’s also an internet services company that’s working on a self-driving car. Yandex will start testing with cars without a safety driver in the Russian city of Innopolis. The tests will be part of commercial operations.

“We’ve done a lot of tests on this,” Dmitriy Polishchuk, head Yandex’s self-driving development, told Automotive News, “and there are a few minor things we have to address and fix, but we’ll address those before we launch. Overall, we’ve seen the cars running 24/7 with no accidents.”