Route to revenue: Autonomous vehicle startup Aurora releases details on its future subscription plans for carriers, fleets

The company said the subscription services will be available under two different names; Aurora Horizon for goods delivery and Aurora Connect for ride-hailing.

With Aurora Horizon, the company is targeting carriers and private fleets that deliver goods, be it the trucking industry that traverses hundreds of miles of highway per trip to last-mile delivery vans that operate in rural and urban environments alike. The company said the suite of tools it will offer with this subscription model will allow customers to integrate the services into existing operations…

As for Aurora Connect, the AV company is looking to attract customers that operate ride-hailing fleets, like Uber Technologies Inc., to transport people wherever it is that they’d like to go but with vehicles that drive themselves. The company said its goal is to provide fleet operators with a predictable supply of Aurora-powered vehicles capable of responding to fluctuating demand from humans in need of a ride.