Robots outnumber human workers in this autonomous truck yard north of Denver

In a truck yard the size of a football field several miles north of Denver, a fleet of robotic trucks ferry semi-trailers between assigned spots and warehouse doors for 16 hours each day. A few humans keep watch…

Moss works as a test technician for Outrider. It’s a Golden-based robotics developer whose mission is to automate the bustling truck yards outside of tens of thousands of distribution warehouses across the world, where most everyday goods are boxed and shipped to customers.

Outrider lauds its main test site in Brighton as one of the most automated in the country. Analysts say it’s a glimpse of what future shipping and freight yards will look like — a place where more robots than humans work, rendering people nearly obsolete.

Traditional human-run yards are dangerous and inefficient, said Andrew Smith, Outrider’s founder and CEO. Over-the-road truckers can waste hours dropping off and picking up trailers in the busy hubs, he said.