Robotaxis and Self-Driving Cars Are Coming. This Company Will Be the Brains Behind Them.

The time for consumer autonomous cars is fast approaching, and investors can already kick the tires. Auto supplier Aptiv showed off its improving self-driving abilities at a virtual Consumer Electronic Show on Monday, indicating that some autonomous services, such as robotaxis, are just around the corner.

Aptiv (ticker: APTV) announced a new brain, or system architecture, for intelligent vehicles as well as its next-generation ADAS, or advanced driver assistance systems, products…

The Aptiv brain refers to its improving software, sensors, and computing tools. And the company’s new electrical architecture includes what the company refers to a zone controller. That means all the functions in a car from air conditioning to self-driving sensors plug into one of four zones with the bulk of the computing then done centrally.

Conventionally, one processor controls all the systems. Aptiv chief technology officer Glen De Vos tells Barron’s the zonal approach means lower costs and more efficiency for car makers.