Robert Bollinger Discusses the Design Process Behind the Bollinger B1 Electric Sport Utility Truck

Last year, we were excited to write in detail about the Bollinger B1, the first of its kind off-road electric sport utility truck designed by Bollinger Motors. Since the all-wheel drive truck is electric, there was no need to accommodate for an engine or transmission. In lieu of these considerations, Robert Bollinger and his team dropped the motors and batteries into the plane of chassis, which in turn created enough space to feature tailgates at both ends. This open design allows lengthy material to be run through the truck’s interior from tailgate to tailgate. Talk about extra storage opportunities…

The Bollinger Motors team is currently hard at work producing and testing the B1 in anticipation for its 2019 launch, but that didn’t stop Robert Bollinger from taking the time to talk with us about his diverse background, the design process behind the B1 and where he sees it fitting into an autonomous future:

You started as an industrial design student at Carnegie Mellon and now you have your own transportation company, Bollinger Motors.