RoadBotics develops new services

RoadBotics Inc., which recently completed work on its largest contract to date, also began development of a new service it aims to amp up in 2020.

The contract in Detroit, which had RoadBotics assessing 2,600 miles of road, proved a “huge marker of success,” RoadBotics CEO Ben Schmidt said. As part of the contract, he said RoadBotics also used a new tool which can detect if a road had ever had crack sealing done before and identify the best time, or “goldilocks zone” for a government to seal a crack in a road most effectively.

The tool marks an effort by the company to shift its current road assessment rating system to a more detailed map that identifies specific distresses on roads. For example, rather than telling a government simply which roads need repairs or attention most urgently, RoadBotics will be able to tell a government which roads have potholes and which roads need crack sealing.