Ride-sharing and e-scooters are growing twice as fast as mass transit

A new study finds that alternative mobility services, from ride-sharing to e-scooters, will grow twice as fast as traditional public transit annually through 2030.

Why it matters: If powered by electricity from renewable sources, many of these new modes of transportation could improve air quality, reduce noise levels, and shrink cities’ carbon footprints.

That’s according to the study conducted by Oliver Wyman Forum and the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) at the University of California-Berkeley.

Yes, but: More ride?hailing and car-sharing could make congestion worse if commuters choose these services over mass transit.

The big picture: The researchers note that subways, buses, and commuter light rail are by far the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to move people around cities.

During the pandemic, however, many people avoided mass transit in favor of shared bicycles, scooters, and car services.
That lost revenue weakened many cities’ public transportation systems.