Reviving Lordstown: An electric pickup truck startup brings back an old GM plant

Lordstown Motors revealed on Thursday the Endurance, a $52,500 pickup that’s designed for commercial fleets. At an event featuring Ohio VIPs and national politicians, Vice President Mike Pence rode in the passenger seat of the Endurance as it drove on stage. US Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette spoke at the event. A Goodyear Blimp flew overhead the plant.

The pickup truck is powered by four motors that are located in the wheels. In-wheel motors, known as “hub motors,” are common in electric bicycles and scooters, not larger cars and trucks. Many companies have shown off concept vehicles featuring in-wheel motors, but Lordstown Motors wants to be the first to actually bring one to market.
“Conventional wisdom says it just can’t be done because it hasn’t,” Burns said. “The end result, contrary to conventional wisdom, is a pickup truck that handles like a sports car.”