Researchers delve deeper into trucking’s parking problem

New research is underway regarding one of the transportation industry’s most prevalent concerns: the lack of safe and available parking.

University of Arkansas Civil Engineering Assistant Professor Sarah Hernandez is involved in a study about the use of intelligent transportation systems, like sensing technologies, to detect and characterize truck traffic. As part of that study, Hernandez has been researching the parking problem for the past two years.

FreightWave’s recently reported on the American Transportation Research Institute’s Truck Parking Diary research. In the course of its research, ATRI found that 63 percent of drivers must look for parking for over 15 minutes between the hours of 4 p.m. and midnight.

ATRI’s research also found that drivers sacrifice an average of 56 minutes of potential driving time per day by parking earlier than they would otherwise need to in order to secure a spot.