Researcher Fei Fang shows why AI doesn’t have to be inherently evil

My research aims to address some of the most pressing challenges faced by the society: security, sustainability and mobility.

I believe that AI can deliver benefit to society in multiple areas now and in the near future, and this is also the aim of my research…

I foresee my research leading to applications that help improve security level in various scenarios, ranging from infrastructure security to cybersecurity and potential applications that can improve the pricing mechanism in commercial ride-sharing platforms…

I hope my research can serve as examples of how AI can be used to tackle the societal challenges we are facing today, illustrating the concept of ‘AI for social good’.

Also, I started a new course, Artificial Intelligence Methods for Social Good, at CMU. In this course, we highlight state-of-the-art AI research and how the advances are leveraged for social good.