Remote-piloted car company removes safety drivers for rides downtown

Las Vegas startup Halo.Car has removed safety drivers from its remotely piloted vehicles, the company announced.

This means that riders in certain areas of Las Vegas can now get a driverless car delivered to them. Halo.Car has been testing its remotely driven cars in Las Vegas for just under a year.

The driverless, remotely piloted cars will be available only for customers in the Downtown area of Las Vegas, which is near the Arts District headquarters of Halo.Car, according to a news release from the company. Even with the removal of safety drivers, though, Halo.Car will still use a secondary vehicle to monitor how the driverless cars operate.

Halo.Car will still deliver cars with safety drivers to other areas throughout Las Vegas.

The company sees this development as a way to make electric vehicles more accessible for people and create “ubiquitous” car sharing, Halo.Car CEO Anand Nandakumar said.