Remote driver car rental service launches in Milton Keynes

A car rental service that delivers a remotely driven vehicle to the user has been launched in a city.

The Fetch vehicle system has been tested in Milton Keynes for 18 months and will now be available to customers.

For now, all of the cars are delivered with a safety driver in the front of the vehicle who can take over the controls if necessary.

Chief executive Koosha Kaveh said: “It’s driverless but not autonomous – yet.”

Imperium Drive, the company behind the service where cars are controlled by an office-based operator, claimed it was the first of its kind in Europe.

Although the cars currently have a safety driver, the firm hopes they will no longer be needed after about 18 months of further testing.

The remote operator of the car has a 360-degree view of the roads using cameras built into the vehicle, as well as anti-crash safety systems in the operating software.