Remora is ready to roll with carbon capture for trucks

That’s why it’s invigorating to see a solution such as Remora, which reduces emissions from long-haul trucking by sucking up carbon dioxide directly from the tailpipe. The company has been incorporated for less than a year, but it’s poised to install its first devices on commercial trucks at the start of 2022…

An impressive group of investors and customers has already bought into Remora’s vision. In August, Remora announced it had raised a $5.5 million seed round led by venture capital heavyweight Union Square Ventures, along with other major climate tech players such as Lowercarbon Capital, Y Combinator, First Round Capital, Neo Ventures and MCJ Collective.

On the customer side, Remora has a long list of multibillion-dollar logistics corporations (16 and counting) that have signed up to pilot the technology on part of their fleets — including trucking companies Ryder, Werner, Arcbest and NFI Industries, as well as agribusiness giant Cargill.