Region’s self-driving car companies say they can’t fill positions fast enough

Zack Katic can’t seem to fill positions fast enough at Argo AI.

As the company’s head of recruiting, Katic said rapid expansion is a driving factor at propelling the company further ahead in the race for the first fully autonomous vehicle.

“All we know is growth here,” Katic said. “I’ve seen us grow from just about a few dozen or so to where we are now, which is around 250 employees, in just a two-year span, which has been absolutely incredible.”

Katic said these 250 employees work here in Pittsburgh, but the company has 500 workers around the country. Argo is confident in its selection of Pittsburgh as its base, Katic said, but rapid growth has required an increase in full-time employees from the region.

“If you were in our cafeteria in Pittsburgh, you would run into new employees on a weekly basis,” Katic said. “Our growth continues to accelerate.”