Rebar-placing robot unveiled at Bauma

Pittsburgh, PA- based Advanced Construction Robotics (ACR) said its “IronBot” does away with a backbreaking task for workers, and addresses the shortage of skilled labour.

The start-up company, which was spun off from a US civil engineering contractor, revealed its concept at the Bauma construction machinery trade fair this morning in Munich, Germany, saying it planned to commercialise the IronBot starting in 2020.

It will be the second construction robot developed by ACR, a research and development spin-off of Brayman Construction Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh.

The first was developed to tie rebar. Called TyBot, it is an autonomous robotic arm rigged to a gantry crane that uses artificial intelligence and machine vision to locate steel rebar junctions and attach a tie…

As he told Construction Research & Innovation last year, he hired a Pittsburgh robotics company to build a small prototype as proof of concept.

In 2016 he founded ACR with Jeremy Searock, formerly of Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center.