Quest to dominate self-driving cars is at the heart of Waymo v. Uber trial

Whoever wins this case, it’s clear that a dominant autonomous rideshare company will emerge in the coming years: it may be Waymo, Uber, or yet another company, like GM.

“While Waymo and Uber duke it out in court, ‘traditional’ players like GM, with their manufacturing and marketing muscle, could end up as the winners,” Raj Kumar, the co-director of the General Motors-Carnegie Mellon Vehicular Information Technology Collaborative Research Lab, emailed Ars.

“Waymo and Uber, for all their technological prowess, lack the underlying platform, and all their alliances with carmakers seem to have been pretty weak and toothless. They could have been just window dressing for carmakers to know what Waymo and Uber are capable of in the AV space.”