Qualcomm, Audi, Ericsson wrap three-year smart car comms test

Qualcomm, Audi AG and Ericsson announced on Wednesday success upon wrapping up a three-year cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) real-world trial that first began in December 2016 in Germany. They concluded that C-V2X is reliable and high performing.

Audi vehicles were able to communicate wirelessly with each other with 100% effectiveness while traveling in opposite directions along German superhighways at speeds of 270 mph. In urban settings, vehicles could talk to each other at blind intersections.

Such technology is considered critical in the role of future connected vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that are being researched globally by carmakers and chip designers. City planners and highway engineers are focused on using such technology to cut down on traffic fatalities and improve the efficiency of traffic grids as cars talk to each other and to traffic lights and other road commands.