Putting A Non-Driving Robot Inside An AI Self-Driving Car Could Be A Great Help To Human Passengers

Indeed, in a prior posting, I’ve identified that we might see the emergence of a kind of nanny or concierge role for aiding people that opt to use self-driving cars. When you request a ridesharing car, and if it is a self-driving car, you might indicate that you also want to have a helping hand provided in the vehicle.

The helping hand would be a person that is along for the ride and does so to assist the passenger that will be using the self-driving car.

Keep in mind that the person providing this helping hand does not need to know how to drive and in fact, won’t be driving the car. AI is driving the car. The purpose of the ride-along person is to help any passenger that might need some form of physical assistance of getting into, out of, or needs help during the journey.