Proposed American Center for Mobility appoints John Maddox CEO from MCity

State leaders on Friday announced the appointment of a CEO and board of directors for The American Center for Mobility, a proposed 335-acre driverless car proving grounds at the former Willow Run bomber plant in Ypsilanti. John Maddox, who serves as assistant director of a group that runs the state’s other driverless car test site, MCity, was named CEO. “Henry Ford was the first innovator to make an airplane on an assembly line and did something people thought was impossible to do,” Maddox said in an interview. “He created a lot of innovations. We’re going to be doing that again for the next 100 years by leveraging connected and autonomous technology to make our transportation system safer.”“The American Center for Mobility solidifies Michigan as the premiere place in the world to develop and implement transportation mobility solutions,” Rothwell said in a statement. “Now that we’ve hired a great leader to run it, we can focus on lining up tenants and moving dirt.”