President Obama to visit Pittsburgh for Innovation Conference

President Barack Obama is heading to Pittsburgh in October to host the Frontiers Conference that the White House is convening along with the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University to explore the future of innovation. Speakers will include some of the world’s leading innovators, who will discuss reasons to invest in science and technology frontiers, according to the White House.

CMU president Subra Suresh said it will be a landmark event that will shine a national spotlight on life-enhancing technological breakthroughs.
In announcing the conference, the White House highlighted Pittsburgh’s achievements in innovation. They include the following:

• The city’s effort to partner with CMU on self-driving technology to construct a 30-minute loop for autonomous shuttles between Hazelwood and Pittsburgh’s urban jobs core.

• The city’s plans to modernize its traffic signal technology in order to reduce congestion, drive times and auto emissions.