Pittsburgh to offer a variety of alternative mobility options at central locations

Pittsburgh is working with a new consortium that includes providers of electric scooters, electric bikes, rental cars and car pools to provide more mobility options, especially to and from public transit.

But the city also is taking an extra step to make sure those mobility options will be available in all neighborhoods.

The city announced Wednesday it has selected the Pittsburgh Mobility Collective — a consortium led by electric bike and scooter provider Spin that also includes the Transit app, Zipcar, Ford Mobility, Waze and Swiftmile — to provide the services. They responded to the city’s request for proposals by joining forces for a joint submission that will include a series of stations throughout the city that will offer most of the services at each location, said Ben Bear, a Pittsburgh native who is the chief business officer for San Francisco-based Spin.

“We read the bid and pulled in the other companies,” Mr. Bear said. “We’re super excited about it and think it’s the only service of its kind in the country.